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Responsible investment results

Results responsible investment

79% of total portfolio consists of investments with above-average sustainability ratings (GRESB 4/5 Stars) (2020: 81%).

100% of the Dutch investments had GRESB 4/5-star ratings in 2021 (2020: 100%).

34% of the investments in the international mandates had GRESB 4/5-star ratings (2020: 28%).


As they did the previous year, all the Dutch sector funds participated in GRESB.

83% of the international mandates (on the basis of invested capital) participated in GRESB. This was an increase of 0.5% compared with 2020.

Sustainability performance:

The Dutch funds had an average GRESB score of 91 points (2020: 88).

The average GRESB score of the international mandates in 2021 (76 points) was four points higher than in 2020 and was three points higher than the GRESB global average for 2021 (73 points)*.

Sustainable building certificates

99% of the Dutch fund investments (by surface area) has received a sustainable building certificate (2020: 97%).

The international mandates scored an average of 55 points (2020: 51 points) in the sustainable building certificate section of the GRESB survey.

Reducing environmental impact

Renewable energy

The buildings in the Dutch funds had been fitted with 19.0 Megawatt peak of solar panels in 2021. This was an increase of 3.4 Megawatt peak vs. 2020.

13.9% o the energy consumption of the international investements came from renewable sources*.


Reduction of energy consumption:

In the Dutch portfolio, we realised a 9.3% (like-for-like) reduction in energy consumption and a 31% reduction in CO2 emissions vs. 2020.

Energy consumption in the international mandates was 2% higher than in the previous year and GHG emissions decreased by 64%*.


Energy-efficient buildings:

99.8% of the Dutch portfolio had a green energy label (71.2% A labels) and the average NZEB2 improved to 169.4.


83% of the construction projects are registered as Considerate Construction sites (2020: 70%).

Achieved: client satisfaction score of 7.1 (2020: 7.8)

Achieved: tenant satisfaction score of 7.2 (2020: 7.5)

42 Bouwinvest employees have active positions in 26 boards or working groups of sector organisations, including: IVBN, ANREV, INREV, AFIRE, VBA, ULI, DGBC and NEPROM.