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Directors’ report

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Dutch Management and Supervision Act

The Dutch Management and Supervision Act includes a guideline for a balanced gender ratio within the Executive Board of Directors and Supervisory Board. At least 30% of these positions should be filled by women and at least 30% by men. The gender ratio in Bouwinvest’s Executive Board of Directors remained unchanged in 2021 (20% women and 80% men). The gender ratio in the Supervisory Board is currently 50% women and 50% men, and is in line with this guideline.

Based on the profiles of the members of the Executive Board of Directors and/or the Supervisory Board who may resign in the future, Bouwinvest will carry out an evaluation to determine the desired profile of any new members. This evaluation will of course take into account diversity criteria, including a balanced ratio of male and female members.

Works Council

The Works Council protects the interests of the company’s employees. One of the ways the Works Council does this is to make use of its right to consultation and right of consent. The Works Council is involved in virtually everything the company and staff do to keep employees as a well-informed as possible. The Works Council meets with the Executive Board of Directors four times a year, and a member of the Supervisory Board is present at two of these meetings.