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Directors’ report

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1 Minimising climate impact of buildings /portfolio

In 2020, Bouwinvest and 30 other market players signed the Paris Proof Commitment of the Dutch Green Building Council (DGBC).

2 Generating stable absolute and relative financial performance for investors

Investing in real estate yields attractive and relatively stable returns in the long term.

3 Stimulating/contributing to affordable housing and healthcare

Bouwinvest is closely involved in the debate on affordable mid-market rental housing in the Netherlands and also strives to ensure a plentiful supply of healthcare-related property.

4 Integrity and transparency

Integrity, transparency and corporate social responsibility are fundamental to Bouwinvest's aim to achieve well-balanced returns.

5 Focusing on investor interest

Bouwinvest's size and growth provide a solid foundation for the continued professionalisation of the organisation and equip it to deal with the increasing complexity of real estate investment due, among other things, to increasing regulatory

6 Healthy and safe portfolio/buildings

Bouwinvest uses various certification methods for existing and new buildings in its Dutch portfolios to manage their sustainability performance.

7 Making buildings climate-resilient

In 2021, Bouwinvest used a so-called climate stress test to evaluate the exposure of the properties in the Dutch portfolio and international mandates to climate risks.

8 Above-average sustainable buildings

In September 2021, Bouwinvest won the IPE Real Assets Sustainability Award for its management of the entire real estate portfolio.

9 Keeping cities and regions liveable

In 2021, Bouwinvest invested € 903 million worldwide in real estate. Bouwinvest focuses on metropolitan regions in developed countries worldwide. These cities offer the best investment opportunities for our clients.

10 Ensuring cyber & data security and privacy

Bouwinvest once again devoted a great deal of attention to cybersecurity in 2021. After all, increasing digitalisation is also increasing the need to keep information secure and available.