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Performance on strategy

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Portfolio characteristics

Total property value: € 976 million (59 assets, 235,903 m2 NLA) at year-end 2021;

Performance on quality

The Fund’s investment strategy focuses on high street assets in the best retail locations (Experience) and on neighbourhood shopping centres and solitary supermarkets (Convenience).

Performance on future-driven

In 2021, the Fund worked to optimise the PC Hooftstraat 125 asset in Amsterdam. The foundation and basement floor will be prepared for additional retail space. In addition, the asset will be fully Paris proof after completion.

Performance on sustainability

Improved GRESB rating to 5 stars (total 90 points);  

Financial performance

The Fund realised a total return of 4.4% in 2021. The Fund's income return ended at 3.9%, which was -0.6 %-points lower than plan, mainly due to the settlement of numerous payment arrangements.