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Financial statements

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Notes to the consolidated balance sheet

All amounts in € thousands, unless otherwise stated.

1 Intangible fixed assets

Intangible fixed assets pertain to investments in software.

2 Property, plant and equipment

3 Financial non-current assets

The item deferred tax asset pertains to the difference between the fiscal and commercial carrying values of property, plant and equipment and intangible fixed assets.

4 Receivables from participations and associated companies

€ 91,000 (2020: € 91,000) of the receivables from participations and associated companies pertains to receivables from associated companies in which the group can exert significant influence. € nil (2020: € nil) of this is of a long-term nature.

5 Taxes

The VAT receivable consists primarily of adjustments with respect to the management fee from previous years.

6 Cash and cash equivalents

The cash and cash equivalents are freely available to the company.

7 Group equity

Below you will find an overview of the comprehensive income as part of the movements in group equity.

8 Provision deferred tax liabilities

Bouwinvest has recognised a deferred tax liability of € 1.9 million of a long-term nature for the difference between the fiscal and commercial valuation of the participations of € 7.3 million at year-end 2021 (2020: € 6.2 million).

9 Long-term liabilities

The short-term part of the received rental incentive amounting to € 32,000 is recognised in the other liabilities.

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